We’re not supposed to notice, if we do, we shouldn’t say.  Be accepting, supportive, understanding and correct.  I’ve always been the kid in, ‘The Emperors New Clothes,’  maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Lithium,  so I’m just sayin, Bruce Jenner’s one ugly broad. Shallow, yes, but I think he was born in the wrong birthday suit and purchased the wrong face.

When he was in the Olympics, he was decent looking, but even before his gold medals, he always felt like a girl.  I can only imagine how difficult it is being transgendered.  My sympathy wanes, however, when you know you’re in the wrong body, marry three women, have six kids, turn sixty-five, then sport a vagina. Luckily, I don’t really have to get it,  but I do have to see him in the check-out lane.

If ya put your family through the spectacle you’ve made of yourself, the least you can do is look better afterward.  Then we could all say, “Oh yeh, I see it now.  He was supposed to be a woman.”  But his new face makes me cringe at what went down below the belt.  Now the new, improved  pole vulva man says he still wants to have sex with women.   When that headlines on ‘PEOPLE,’ please shove a javelin in my eyes.

I was also born in the wrong body. I should be Helen Keller cause I don’t wanna see or hear this shit.   I’m also supposed to have big tits and tight arms. My ass is supposed to be round and skin smooth. My balls are bigger than most, but I can’t afford plastic surgery, so it’s a good thing I don’t need to see em, to feel em.  Bruce’s are legally restructured and her only condolence is Kanye was born without a brain.  He’s no breakfast of champions either, just a big ass flake.


3 thoughts on “A CHANGE DON’T DO YOU GOOD

  1. LOL! ‘Pole vulva man.’
    Old Brucie was quite a looker in his male days, but you’re right, he doesn’t have that look that screams, ‘how could I have been so blind?’ Instead it’s more, ‘good god! I wish I was blind!!’

    Your posts are like the new Magic Mike movie. It takes a while for it to come out, but when it does, it’s well worth the wait.


  2. Gotta agree, Bruce/Caitlyn is a damned ugly woman! Jenner was a decent looking guy, I remember him from the Olympics. I’ve had a hard time looking at the new transformed Jenner or even caring much about the story. I respect what he did, that took courage and being transgender must not be easy. But like you, my sympathy wanes, especially after all the marriages, kids, etc. He certainly had the $ to do it sooner, why wait until 65? And why keep getting married and having kids? Had to laugh at your comment about Kanye LOL! While everyone is praising what Jenner did, no one has been as honest about the whole thing as you have been in this post!


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